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Release Notes:
Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.11.8, a bugfix-only release with security fixes. A security advisory is available as is identical to 2.11.8, except it includes a fix for a notice about "lang".
Changes: (2008-07-28) - bug ##2027102, small fix for a notice about "lang" (2008-07-28) - patch #1987593 [interface] Table list pagination in navi - bug #1989081 [profiling] Profiling causes query to be executed again (really causes a problem in case of INSERT/UPDATE) - bug #1990342 [import] SQL file import very slow on Windows - bug [XHTML] problem with tabindex and radio fields - bug #1971221 [interface] tabindex not set correctly - bug [views] VIEW name created via the GUI was not protected with backquotes - bug #1989813 [interface] Deleting multiple views (space in name) - bug #1992628 [parser] SQL parser removes essential space - bug #1989281 [export] CSV for MS Excel incorrect escaping of double quotes - bug #1959855 [interface] Font size option problem when no config file - bug #1982489 [relation] Relationship view should check for changes - bug [history] Do not save too big queries in history - [security] Do not show version info on login screen - bug #2018595 [import] Potential data loss on import resubmit - patch #2020630 [export] Safari and timedate - bug #2022182 [import, export] Import/Export fails because of Mac files - [security] protection against cross-frame scripting and new directive AllowThirdPartyFraming - [security] possible XSS during setup - [interface] revert language changing problem introduced with
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