Download Theme Creator ver. 3.29 for Sony Ericsson phone

Flash Lite and XML editor added to Themes Creator tool

Flash Lite™ is now supported by the Sony Ericsson Themes Creator tool allowing SWF files to be imported to the Standby screen as a wallpaper. An XML editor is also included in the tool so the content of an XML file saved inside the theme file can be edited. This new release of the tool, version 3.29, is available for download in Windows, OS X and Linux formats and the accompanying Themes Developers’ Guidelines are updated.

Exact emulation is delivered by the Themes Creator tool as it contains the same Flash Lite 1.1 and 2.0 players that are built into Sony Ericsson phones. By selecting Tools – Show Adobe Flash Lite player info in the tool’s menu, you can verify the size of the imported Flash Lite animation and see this information in relation to the phone’s heap memory.

New XML editor
The Themes Creator XML editor is a simple text editor, where the XML file of the theme is displayed when the editor is opened.

For .thm themes (Sony Ericsson Java™ ME-based phones) the user can add images and colors not supported by the phone profile selected in the Themes Creator tool. For .utz themes (Symbian OS/UIQ-based phones) condensedColorScheme colors, wallpapers, systemSounds and skins, skin patches and skin texts can be added.

SWF file import and the XML editor function are implemented in Themes Creator version 3.29 and onwards.

Available for Windows, OS X and Linux
The Themes Creator tool is available for Windows, OS X and Linux and allows you to take full advantage of the powerful customization and personalization features of Sony Ericsson phones to create unique new themes to match various consumer styles.

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