New, Picasa 3!

Picasa 3 now has the ability to support more photos on your computer — now up to a million photos! And we’ve made plenty of other improvements that we think you’ll enjoy. Click the links below to learn more about each feature.



Experiment with six different collage types and a slew of new settings in the more hands-on collage creation screen.



Why take two steps when you can do it in one? Upload an album to Picasa Web Albums and email invitations to friends and family with just one click.


Auto red-eye

Our improved technology automatically detects faces and corrects the red eye in your photos.


The Crop tool offers three crop suggestions based on the composition of your photograph. Don’t miss the 10 different dimensions to choose from when cropping.



Spice up your screensaver by pulling in pictures from additional photo sources, such as your Web Albums and photo feeds.


Multiple word tags

You can now add multi-word tags to your photos. Finally, you can tag your rocking chair as ‘rocking chair,’ rather than ‘rocking’ and ‘chair.’


To help you import images from a particular day or event, Picasa now segments your images according to the time frame when they were taken.



Make your slideshow come alive with new capabilities.

Picasa 3.0

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New, Picasa 3! | DANET | 4.5
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