Download Flappy Bird latest version for android

What’s news on verson 1.3:

1) Support Android 2.2
2) Fix bugs.

Version 1.2
1) Bug fixes and improve performance.
2) Medal blink added.

download apk here or from google play store

The makers of this game are very very smart people, they made a game that will want people to keep going and get a high score this game really makes the brain thinks more although the concept sounds easy win you play it gets very crazy and sometimes you might get a high temper. I myself am addicted to this game.

Its a fun app for burning time But right now its been hacked to the max (which I dont know why people would it ruins the purpose…) and on the leaderboards theres people with over 3 trillion… Buuuut its still really fun to burn time with and worth the download if you dont mind raging everytime you play lol. Highscore: 41 🙂

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Download Flappy Bird latest version for android | DANET | 4.5
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